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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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and i am used to being one of the youngest person in the room clearly not at the minute. >> we just want to start out and the youth commission is excited to hear about it and the fact that there are these departments that are creating these different trainings and listening to their remarks and one of the things is to keep them from the need of the centralized authority responsible for compliance and we do not feel that should be the authority and we would love to be a youth consultant on people creating their trainings we serve one year term we don't have enough capacity to be the one telling the program. why aren't you doing the training. >> and that set and we also want to say that the dph, 30-minute video is great but clearly if there are these other departments that are able to create much, much longer trainings. there is more that can be done. that can be fully captured in 30 minutes. so it is a great first step and
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a great kind of catalyst, but, we don't want to create a situation where every department shows the 30-minute video and then they are done because the actual demographic that were spelled out in 12 n such ases hiv and positive youth and abused youth and disabled youth they are not fully addressed in that video because it is the first step for a training and i think that everyone has echoed so far that the 30 minute training video would never be enough without some sort of a discussion and facilitation and more than that. so, that is essentially our main point, we just want to make sure that what is going on so far is the beginning of the process to expand and to resource these trainings and to prioritize them because they are important and also to recognize the fact that the lgbtq sensitivity trainings
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don't insure attitudes and behaviors and to access the best practice to make sure that the youth are actually receiving the quality care and one of the ways to do that is by tracking them. how do we know that they are not slipping through the tracks if they are not tracking who they are. and obviously the different people have come up with different concerns for that and i am not a legal genius and i just want to urge that is important. because, youth access and services is already a challenge, and it is already a struggle that the youth go through, so to receive for the youth to actually feel safe receiving the services that we provide as a city and we need to have these best practices created thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, for summarizing at the end and any other member of the public that would like to comment, come forward and seeing none we will close the public comment. >> and commissioner campos. >> thank you. >> i don't know if you want to you know make some final remarks but one thing that i
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would say is, i do want to begin by thanking the youth commission and especially commissioner toomuch. it is incredible when you look at the fact that we passed this law in 1999. that there is still no the level of compliance that we want to see. and it is quite amazing that it is the youth people who are basically saying that you are not doing what this law said that you were supposed to do. and i really appreciate all of the departments that have come forward when there are different levels of compliance and it is impressive to see the things that are happening and certainly the video of dph and i really appreciated the presentation and all of the things that they are doing and that they are going to do and i appreciate that and of course the human. and i think that the main and
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of course the juvenile probation department and i think that the training that is in here, chief is really impressive and i would love to figure out how to take that on the road with some of these other departments and of course, dcyf who has then a lot of work with the lgbtq community especially youth, and you know, just to recognition that more needs to be done. and i think that the main thing and i would leave it to supervisor avalos and i want to thank you, supervisor for identifying this issue. i do think that we need to come up with a way of overseeing compliance. the 12 n ordinance does not really provide for that. to include, the body or the hrc or i don't know who, that actually provides a report so that is actually someone that is compiling all of the
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information because i think that like even though, it is amazing that the departments that came and they are probably the departments out there that need to be looked at but i think that this is one of those things where i think that all of us as adults in the city government have to take responsibility for the fact that we have not done anything that we need to do. and the amazing things going on in these departments and i look forward for your leadership and thank you for your comments. >> i am actually, i really enjoyed hearing this a lot and i have enjoyed the work done by the departments. and they have gone into and just recently where they need to go and i really appreciate the work of commissioner toomuch and the youth commission over all to bring this to our attention. i think that this check in that we have today, is really going to be instrumental and actually getting and moving forward on
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making sure that we are in compliance and i do agree that we do need to change 12 n to improve upon it the added compliance process in it as well as a reporting mechanism at the end of each year. and it would really assure that we are meeting our marks on these things. so what i would like to do is speak with the youth commission afterward and develop a plan with the youth commission about how we can move forward legislatively and administratively and getting the departments together as well will be really important, i think that seeing the video, with that meeting would be a really great thing to see and do and think about how they can use the video for our own training and also to think about how we can make the similar improvements in other departments as well. and so i look forward to moving forward on this with you. i want to see how we can make this happen. >> great, hearing, supervisor yee?
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>> yeah. thank you avalos for bringing this for the committee. >> and i want to thank everybody who came out to address this hearing. and as we have a knowledge a long ways to go. and we need to, and we need to go on these days and we can actually feel comfortable that we don't need this. but at this point, we are at a state where this is still needed but we need to be aggressive about this and i concur with my colleagues here that it seems like we need to have a centralized compliance monitoring system for this, and whoever is going to bring this up as a modification of i would
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be very supportive of this, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> supervisor, do you want to continue this to the call of the chair and bring it back or file this? >> yeah, that is it. >> yeah. so we have a motion to continue, motion by supervisor yee? if we can take that without objection, and again, i want to thank everyone and you know that one of the many great silver linings is that when the youth commissioners take over the world and running the city things will be in much better shape than they are today. >> now, mr. clerk, if you could call item number two, again, thank you supervisor avalos. >> item number two, the hearing to consider the issuance of type 48 on the premises to art rodreguz doing business as ferrill in district eight >> so we have been joined by supervisor weiner and this is a request that comes from an establishment in district eight and we don't want to lose the quorum and so i apologize in
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waiting for this. supervisor weiner, do you want to begin? >> yes. thank you mr. chairman. and i am here today in support of the liquor license transfer to this space. this is currently a vacantcy and it was previously a nightclub called trigger which had a lot of problems and a lot of consistent conflicts with the surrounding neighborhood. and it ended up closing down. it has been a vacantcy ever since. and i think that a lot of us were very concerned when it closed down that this could end up turning into a long-term vacantcy and so a lot of us were very, very happy when the new owners have stepped up to take over the space and to turn
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it into this. and they own, three on bars in the castro and the edge in the midnight sun, and in each instance when they have taken over the bar they have made the bar better. and they have upgraded it, sometimes fixed code violations, resolved the issues with the surrounding neighbors and made positive changes to all of these establishments. and they also have a long track record of working very well with neighbors and with the community in general, tim is on the board of the video neighborhood association. and i know that this has project has good support in the neighborhood. and i am a very supportive and i will also note that there is a condition in the liquor license transfer for use of video surveillance, and that is an ongoing discussion that we have been having with the
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police department and i believe that this language conforms to the department's new approach as opposed to the previous approach which is a little more extreme. i have also spoken to one of the owners and understand that they are supportive of having a video surveillance and i am comfortable with that condition and given that circumstance. >> i do support this, thank you. >> thank you, supervisor weiner and i really appreciate your comments and certainly agree with everything that you said about the applicants. why don't we hear briefly from the applicants just to give you a brief opportunity to say something and again, thank you for your interest in this application and for all that you have done and for the communities if you can just say a few words. >> thank you. supervisors, my name is tim (inaudible) and i am one of the owners and we are requested a public convenience for necessity for the transfer of a
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type 48 liquor license. it is going to be a cocktail lounge and dance bar with occupantcy of approximately 250. a little bit of history and this has been for over 75 years and throughout the vast majority of the history as a bar and a place of entertainment has not been a problem in the neighborhood it was the site of the first day bar in the castro in the 80s and 90 it was a popular bar called the detower and the nightclub trigger and we have designed it from the start to really try to avoid the problems from trigger which were mostly noise and crowd management kind of issues and the design is to be more of a warm comfortable space which is a combination of a cocktail lounge that with partitions that can separate out from the dance area so that on monday or tuesday night it can be more
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warm intimate lounge space and then it can open up on weekends to a larger dance space which the castro has deseeupd and has not enough dance space. we have done a significant amount of out reach for this, starting back in december because we knew about the history of trigger, we want to make sure that we understood the people's concerns and we are able to address them. and we met with dtna the neighborhood association, and the valley association and munsy of over market and castro and we received support from munsa and another letter of support. and i am not aware of any opposition to our plans and we did a bunch of sound tests in cooperation with the neighbors where we installed sound recording equipment in
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neighboring properties and really played very loud music to try to stress the space and we received a whole set of recommendations for what we could do to improve the sound containment and all of which that we plan to do as part of the remodel and incorporate a lot of feedback from the neighbors in our designs. and as supervisor weiner said we do have other bars in the castro and we have a strong focus on community events and fund-raisers that all of the bars will continue. and we have a history of working with the neighborhood and the neighbors on the sound issues and reducing crime and all of that is stuff that we feel is really important as part of operating the business and especially in that mixed use neighborhood like the castro and we want to continue all of that. >> thank you very much. colleagues, any questions? >> thank you. >> we appreciate the very good presentation, now if we could hear from the police department
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from inspect or fong or keller. >> good afternoon, supervisors, good afternoon to you today. i am inspector fong from the san francisco police department. and pita and tana on behalf of (inaudible) incorporated has filed an application with the department to fund and help the department as it controls to abc and seeking a type 48 permit of license for 2344 to 48 market street and located on the west side between 16th and 17th street from march 2012 to march 2013. that the department will see the service and 3 for the report. >> notification for it was on march 11, 2013, and a notice to
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the public was posted, it was 2031, calls for service, and recorded for 2012, so the premises is located in a high crime area. >> and the permit is located in the census track 169 and on sale license authorized by the track and actively now have 23 and so the applicant premises is located and currently located in an due concentration area. no protest is recorded for the department of privilege control and one recorded of and the california department of alcoholic beverage control. it is no opposition from the mission three station to the applicant and agrees to the recommended condition, and the alu recommendation is approval. and the condition is the service and conception of
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alcoholic beverage shall be permitted between the hours of 12 noon to two a.m. daily. two the sales of alcoholic beverage for the off sale consumption is prohibited. the petitioner shall be responsible for the letter and the area and adjacent to the premises over which they have the control. and loitering is prohibited for the licensed premises and the control. the licensee that is depicted on the abc form 257. >> and number five. and shall be removed from the premises and all parking lot under the control of licensee within 72 hours of application. if the graffiti occurs on a friday, weekend day or on a holiday, the licensee shall remove it within 72 hours following the beginning of the next weekday.
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>> (inaudible) shall be equipped with lighting to illuminate and make easily decertainable the conduct of all persons on the premises. and additionally, the petitioner shall not disturb the normal (inaudible) of the residents. >> no noise shall be audible under the area of the control of the licensee as depicted on form 257 and in the hours of operation, the petitioners shall utilize the security system to record all entrances and exits and outside of the premises and the petitioner shall obtain all security recordings for at least 30 days and recordings for the san francisco police department when interested as evidence in a criminal investigation. >> the applicant agrees to the
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recommended can't. >> and number eight, the security camera, condition was updated with the updated language. >> thank you. >> any member of the public that likes to speak come on up. >> tom prentata. >> the podium. and i actually came to speak on the item before this and i can't resist the opportunity to sing the praises of tim and the ownership team of beau as someone who has worked hard to dispell the stereotypes, and to my great as a model of a perfect club owner he has engaged in the neighborhood in a fantastic way with all three of the bars of the member of the merchant's association and all of his bars host fantastic
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community fund-raisers and i want to lend my support and i look forward to grabbing a drink at beau's soon. >> is there any other member of the public who would like to speak on this item? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. i want to thank all of the folks who have worked on this item and thank you supervisor weiner and very impressive presentation by the applicant and thank you to our police department, supervisor weiner, do you want to say anything before we take action on this? >> no, i just also want to thank these folks for running good businesses and i look for toward to enjoying beau. >> if we could have a motion to move this forward. >> so we have a motion without objection. and item passes. >> congratulations. >> if we could now have item number three. >> the hearing to consider the transfer of 20 off sale beer
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and license from 561 geary to polk street in district three and to the blue fog markets doing business as blue, fog market. >> thank you f we could now hear from the applicant, frank? >> thank you for your patience. >> i understand and i have seen the activity and i have and i live myself with my wife and two daughters, just off the chest nut street and we know the niners and the giants are doing well i know what the activity is like. and so, i am well aware of that. and i want to make sure that the people understand that the blue, fog markets are not like that. we are an art and sandwich deli cafe and we are not taking the slack in between the white bread and selling it and we are not taking the bread and
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putting five inches of meat on it and selling it to 400 people. but we create all of the sandwiches and we have meats marinated and grills and vegetables and we buy the breads from the local backry and cookies from all over the country from the small rendors. and all host of different drinks that are healthy and to go along with that. that makes and fills out the offering is beer and wine. that is why i asked for a license, we have already one on union street and i want to make sure that when i took over that store i eliminated all liquor that was being sole. we just sell beer and wine, and we just sell, what do you call boutique wines and draft beers and we only have a couple of
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selections but really all of the beers you have heard of. the wines are all over the world. and it is you know we are not selling wine to someone like to take back to the frat house and we are selling the wine to you know, the chefs in the community who take and go back to use it to cook, and the child going back to have for dinner. you know that is the type of customer that we are looking for. our customers are the local merchants on polk and the residents nearby. and the people who are coming home from work and want to grab something quick. we have grab and go dinners and salmon, and bbq chicken and flank steak, and all of it, we use a chef called ryan scott who is a legal xhef on television and it has a couple of restaurants in town and his team cooks for us and it comes
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up and the wine is beer is meant to go home with those meals. and i will not allow my store to become a destination for alcohol. that is not the point. we sell about ten percent of our sales are for beer and wine. >> >> i have had the discussions with the supervisor chiu and with officer david. we are giving sort of the deals and the gift certificates that sell $100 each to the elementary school that is
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nearby on polk street and i have an ongoing relationship with sherm an elementary and the teachers and the principal. and saint vincent depaul on green street and the people in the area of the store have asked me to contribute and i am glad to. >> so... >> thank you. >> thank you,. >> that is about it. >> thank you very much. >> and i appreciate your presentation and i appreciate the out reach and i appreciate your community involvement and you have succeeded in making it a lot more hungrier than i was prior to your presentation. why don't we now, thank you very much sir and unless we have questions, why don't we hear from the police department from inspect ter fong. good afternoon again, they have filed an application with the department of alcoholic beverage control. abc, seeking a type 20 off sale
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beer and wine for 1552 polk street on the east side. for march 2012 to march 2013, the department received four calls of service and no police report. and the premises is located on 535 and for 2012, so the applicant is located in a high crime area. so this premises is located in 111, and so it is located in an undue concentration area. we have no (inaudible) with abc and one letter of support for the abc. the opposition from the station
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and you have this to agree to the recommended condition. and alu recommends approval with the following condition. one service and consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be permitted between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. two, no more than 15 percent of the square footage will be used for the display of alcoholic beverages. loit tering is prohibited on any sidewalk or property adjacent to the licensed premises and under the control of the licensee as picked up on the form 257. number four the sales of beer and beverages in confident, on 22 hours and 24 hours. 40 hours or 75 container is prohibited. accept for michael brewe ry and organic products and sold under such definition as (inaudible) and further ipa and esb.
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this condition is intended to eliminate high alcohol and low cost products that are frequently abused and not prevent the sailor sales of specialty. >> wine shall not be sold more than (inaudible) and on may first, (inaudible) and the applicant consulted and was conducted and he agreed. thank you, any questions? >> why don't we open it up to public comment. i have one speaker card and any member of the public that would like to come forward. don from the neighborhood association, thank you for your patiencee. >> many people may ask why would you ever think of putting
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more alcohol on polk street and it is something that we spent a lot of time thinking about usually we are again adding any liquor but at this case it just makes sense to have somebody being able to go and get a gourmet din sxwer a builtsing of wine or a specialty beer with it and i can see myself doing it on frequent occasions and that is a model since he has been there and he has kept the place spotless even before he opened for business. he steam cleaned the space. >> and he met with the association and the polk association at our september 2012 meeting and he came back twice after that just in case there were any questions, and he got the overwhelming support of our neighborhood association and i would like to see the approved place thank you. >> thank you very much. >> is there any other member of the public that would like to
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speak? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and i know that supervisor chiu, and president chiu is supportive of this application and i want to thank the applicant for the impressive presentation for the police department everybody the neighborhood association for their involvement. and do we have any comments if not, is there a motion? >> supervisor yee? >> yes, as you know we give a lot of difference in which the licenses are impacting in the district and i am glad that you reached out to supervisor chiu and spoke out. and to make a motion for a positive recommendation. >> we have the option for for this forward and if we could have that without objection, congratulations. >> any other business before